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Goss' Garage DVD - Volume 2


Check engine light • Battery Testing • Flushing• A/C Diagnosis • Battery Buying
Hidden Accident Damage • Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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Goss' Garage DVD - Volume 1

Performance Problems • Oil Viscocity • Tire Pressure • Brake Repairs • Warning Lights

If you’ve ever been ripped off by a repair shop, embarrassed by not knowing how to “speak cars” with your mechanic, or just frustrated with the car repair process, then this is the DVD for you!



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Dear Valued Client:

We want to thank you for your continued support. For forty years we have put forth great effort to provide you with quality service and personal attention.

We are located at 9421 Smith Avenue, which is the second building on the right. We continue to offer the finest, most progressive repairs and preventive maintenance available anywhere.

We want to thank all our loyal customers that have followed us through the years and assure you that we will do everything possible to continue to earn your loyalty. As always, we enjoy seeing your smiling faces, so stop by, say hello.

As always the staff will be courteous, respectful, and will present you with service recommendations to extend the life, improve the reliability, and maintain the safety and economy of your vehicles. The phone number is the same and the entire Goss' Garage staff will be here to welcome you. If you have questions, want directions, or want to make an appointment call 301-577-9200. Appointments Preferred/ Walk-ins Welcome

We appreciate your trust and hope you will use our expanding services.

Thank you,

Pat Goss and Staff